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During this whacky time of pandemic, politics, & civil unrest, I crave a distraction. Many of my friends have voiced the same. Take me away, mentally! Give me so much to create, concentrate on, or think about, that I simply don’t have time to worry about the real world. That was January, 2021. Now, 2022, we are vaccinated, boosted, and slowly closing back into our cocoons like disappointed butterflies. The mindset is richer for the past years’ sacrifices. I hope that is reflected here. Please click on the daily blog posts.

My hope, within this blog site, is to inspire not only creative writing, but a tangible reference to widely varied interests, hopes, dreams, & adventures with me-n-my friends’ contributions. So browse around. See if anything catches your fancy. It has caught mine enough to want to share it with you.

“I saw an angel in the marble and I carved to set him free.”


Here is an example of what this blog is all about…

write a word or sentence or poem about what this photo means to you…

Post dawn and pre dusk

Winter iridescence glows

Soft pastel blanket

by Wendy Reber #haiku #amwriting #aqua #blue #wintermood #poetry

Let’s get started

Lady and me, December 2021

Do you have an urge to write something down when you visit a place, or when your mind takes you to a place?

It’s like pulling out your phone and snapping a picture. Which do you feel is more descriptive, more personal, more YOU?

Give us the gift of YOU on this blog…add your comments, poetry, inspirational word to each of the photos you see, or add your own.

Road trip with Dad to Lamoka Lake, Sept. 2020. This is our old cottage’s dock where we spent hours fishing fifty years ago! I adore this view.
It is engrained in both our minds.
My glory from my back yard, 2020

Hikes & drinks, or exercise then cards, or Netflix and dog hugging or just Be...

The options are endless, your subject matter is your oyster, your experiences count…

Welcome to my interactive blog site for creative writing and photography art…

Express here…

Small bear tracks enhanced with trapped leaves, Feb. 27, 2021
Favorite pastime–The view accentuated–Liquid fellowship #haiku by Wendy
Snowshoe Cardio–what a feeling!

Tell me…


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