If you have lost someone to dementia, you know it is a triple loss

The Commodity of Time

Let’s make the most of a summer’s evening before being called in to supper, and then pretty much straight to bed

Do I have time to gather a few more branches? Is this really a tree fort– this floor plan on the ground?

Need more time—

Finding something to help me procrastinate before studying for an exam

I can grab a snack, visit a friend, go for a run?

Pull an all-nighter? It will be fine, right?

Need more time—

So tired from making lunches, pressing dress clothes, negotiating bedtime to squeeze in one more load of laundry

Can I stay awake long enough to dry and fold?

Need more time—

Trying to prepare a family dinner, volunteering at the shelter, attending exercise classes

I am busier not working than when I endured a ritual routine

Can’t fit it all in

Can’t say no

Must be the “sucker” label pinned to my forehead

Need more time—

Sweet wife takes extreme care of her infirm husband, giving him the best quality of life that she can muster

Soiled bedding every morning

Laundry, carpet shampooing, an evil chore

Sundowner’s syndrome prevents this care giver from any good sleep

Cat naps, the only reprieve

The only rest she can afford

Deprivation mounts to pure exhaustion

If only he could talk, reflect, enjoy some sun on his face

If only she had a break, a nutritious meal outside the kitchen

Need more time—

Sitting with my favorite Uncle, I wish he could engage, reminisce times passed

Trail rides, picnics, fishing with his brother–doing things all close brothers do

I wish we had spent more time building more memories

Time is up—

He lingers

I know he doesn’t want to be this way

His goal is for a dignified end, not this

In the end,

Families want to enjoy each other for as long as possible if the quality of life is still present

When the unspeakable happens, we all just need more time, the most precious commodity

The child wants to play more

The student wants to party more

The wife wants to sleep more

The retiree wants to give more

The care giver wants a fast, painless ending more

The dementia patient wants to be fed more

–Need More Time–

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