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Please make room

Photo by Edouard Chassaigne on Pexels.com

A crook in my arm, a kink in my height

Stunted and crowded, I live on the forest floor

I yearn for the sunlight to touch my face

I reach up high in my sky, or as high as I can go before

Hitting the ledge of a taller brother

Rain drenched earth being parted

I feel a separation from my spot, my temporary place

I am slowly relocated and settled into my new invented nest of warmth and love

Ah, this is my place, my own space

I stretch and feel liberated, nurtured, and reassured

All nutrients and sun directed right at me

Now, I thrive

From “Top of Morning, Top of Mind”

A book of prose & poetry

By ~ Wendy Reber

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I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, writer, dog & cat lover. I 've written books, & now I am also blogging to keep a momentum of my passion vibrant. This is a place where my friends also contribute their creative selves. Enjoy!

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