What Poetry Means To Me:


Poetry is a creative outlet. It allows words to tumble, even fumble to a timed sequence, or no sequence at all. Most of my poetry is about daily occurrences that I relish and want to share. It is a way to honor a person, place, or natural gift that is around me or in my imagination.

“Poetry is a distillation and emotive expression of the observations and experiences of life. It is how the poet survives the general and specific chaos of the world.”

Susan Robb, my poetry writing partner in Pennsylvania

Favorite poetry types:

Iambic Pentameter–a basic rhythm that is pleasing to the ear; an unstressed or short syllable followed by a stressed or long syllable. Syllables in a line=10, two beats per foot, or five (penta) iambic feet. (paraphrased from Quora.com) It can be rhymed or unrhymed (blank verse.)

Haiku–Japanese, short form, typically about nature, or an essence…

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