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Chilly winter winds roll through this morning

I “socialize” on a tiny screen for thirty minutes writing to prompts—a fun exercise

Drink the appropriate amount of coffee 

Check a mirror, pluck a hair, brush teeth–good, it is before 9am.

I stretch to a yoga tape & suit up to take the dogs for a walk

We find our trashcan blown into a ditch & the top twenty-five yards away

Hoisting the large plastic blue can onto alternating hips, I struggle to keep two leashed canines walking, peeing, and pooping, in their favorite places, amongst new fallen snow along our very long driveway

‘Let’s go for a ride! Jump up!”

Lola in first, Lady second. Windows rolled down a crack, & away we go

We check on Poppy (my Dad, neighbor) staying nine feet away, then cruise to our route, one of four favorites we use to spice up each morning 

Gliding over dirt & paved roads strewn with salt after being plowed, we strain to see life. Any life. Hawk, eagle, deer, pheasant. Anybody? Anybody? 

Today, just one red-tailed hawk is in front of us. He paid no attention and flew in the opposite direction. Passing over the hill, we notice big snow on the runs at Ski Sawmill, way off in the distance. It makes me smile. Wish I could ski this year, but Covid had other ideas.

Observing Lady sticking her nose as far out the window as possible, I know both of my dogs live for this daily ride. Here, get your whole head out. Fresh air, a fun ride, & if there is any traffic at all, it is the cherry on top for Lola! I imagine her trying to see the driver, trying to determine the make, model, and trying to tell that other vehicle to go faster! She rushes to each window as it passes.

We cruise back to our driveway and they know it is rest time. We are so very lucky to live far away from side streets of row houses, siren noises, skyscrapers, and the overall “film” a city can play on a loop or shed onto your soul. 

My heart bleeds for those who are sick. For those utterly exhausted from caring for the sick & trying so hard not to cry. For those who have no idea how much longer they can keep their car running in a two-mile line waiting for a box of canned goods. For the third grader unsure what he should do all day long in his unsupervised apartment. My heart is breaking at the same time it is giving thanks. It is a strange space to be in. It is a strange space for us all.

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