My shavasana

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash

I slide into corpse pose

Arms outstretched

My mind goes eighteen inches into the ground

The smell of rich dirt enters my nostrils

A bed of Earth holds my legs, my arms, my head

Deep brown against my soles, in my toes, covering my ankles

Maroon calves, knees

Darkest organ blood thighs, pelvis

Bright red vagina, innards

Orange scar bisecting lower abdomen, sacrum, stomach

(The part that needs lopped off)

Yellow diaphragm, ribs shielding lungs

Pink and green heart; pink pumps in richness–green pushes out vitality

Turquoise throat sings birdsong

Sky blue mouth speaks only kind words

Royal blue nose smells flowers

Cobalt eyes see beauty–everywhere

Purple crown of thorns–the thorns point upward

Remember who you are and where you came from

White light rays pierce through grey clouds–like the prettiest painting

This rapture of warmth shines down on us–all of us


#vitalyogapractice #namaste #shavasana #bekindtoyourself #rest

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