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This is your brain on……..


I see the word “Patience” and my mind has created an image of a tap dancer, madly tapping away. Tuxedo, cane, spats and black top hat. A frenzy of tapping.

Is it a possibility that “Patience” is not in the cards today – no matter how I long for it. I am equating “Patience” with PEACE, SERENITY, CALM. Even though that is not what patience means.

I think the point here is to have patience with my own rambling, racing mind. To sit back and become the observer. To acknowledge the tap dancer, and yet have the patience to nudge the dancer to finish up and move along.

Move along DAMN IT!

Deep breath.

Let it go.

Thoughts by Patricia Rhees. Image – didn’t have the patience to find one.

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