What is Creative Writing?

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For me, creative writing is a personal expression while getting your mind’s eye on the page

Any topic, notion, feeling, as long as you use finesse in description and earnest zeal to get your point across

Do you care if you are read? Do you?

What is the outcome of your pieces, your “art”

Sure, being adept at grammar and some editing is nice, but is that the key? Is it imperative?

I think not

Is it a show-stopper for some? Yes, “I’m not good enough. I have a hard time formulating a good sentence. I am not cerebral enough.”

I do not mean to simplify

I mean to amplify

I think taking pen in hand and writing one big lone run-on that comes to mind is cathartic, surprising, even cleansing to your heart and brain

Try it

Go ahead

I just did

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