Our Lola

She has fought through being dumped in a shelter–twice–once because they had a human baby; once because of a fight over a potato chip–all before she was a year old.

She has overcome her resource aggression

She owns stock in pill pockets as she takes Levetiracetam twice a day for seizures–she has not suffered one in ten months

She has overcome hemangioma of the right upper leg–only 30% of dogs do not have it recur in organs

She is now ten

She is loving, she is smart, and she is a marvelous dog

Like so many puppies, Lola got a rough start in life

I took a job at the local no-kill shelter and brought Lola home my very first day on the job–that was nine years ago February

Our baby girl is almost as happy as we are

#shelterdogsrock #givethemafairchance



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