Life on Earth Expresses Many Hiccups

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Why is it we want to we acknowledged, accepted, appreciated, and liked so badly?

Even by strangers–

What about a human’s self worth is so flawed?

Why do we crave attention? Only to second guess our encounters, our engagements, our texts. Delete–delete–delete

The boss with the board

The writer with his stories

The traveler with her loneliness

The students with their teachers

The elderly with their children

The post with likes

The home cooked meal with a smile, a thank you, a burp

But it’s not enough

It’s never enough

Needy, we are

Needy we’ll be

Don’t post, don’t send, don’t text, don’t join another contest, don’t be vulnerable

Do be constantly LOOKING, looking to please

Just be

Invest energy in self

Self Care; Self Love

Isn’t it simple to do?

Hold your breath

Get rid of the hiccups



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