My Window

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Tiny leopard frog raps to a rhythm underneath my window. He silences in the nick of time to allow our ‘drift off.’

The other window, or short, pertinent period of time, is when breath happens in unison, and we ask our minds to concentrate on just one thing—one nice thought

If a cough, light, or sound disruption lengthens that window, chances are the drift off will not happen. This can lead to hours of sleeplessness, many jumbled thoughts, and flipping from side to side—the flipping, the flipping

A fake anger sets in prohibiting sleep for a prolonged period. The room temperature rises, the skin dampens, and the tossing continues with multiple pillow fluffs in between. Numbness warrants repositioning with frequency—the flipping

The moral of this story—don’t miss your window

Settle in, have a silent partner, have sweet, cooperative pets, and ask for that wonderful image so you can drift

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