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Twisting muscles and veins of the heart, much like laundry being blown wildly on the line

Eases with breathing and being present—but not too much 

In my own head

The repeat of a record spinning under a record player’s needle, plays over and over in my brain

This is the symptom we have and need to avoid or manage

Breathe in through the nostrils, Seven

Hold Seven

Out Ten through the mouth, drain it all the way down

And again

Measuring, comparing, visualizing normalcy

How many hours, days, months, can I go before another attack?

An insult on and to my life

Any distraction produces a knowing I am just like the next guy

Dealing, coping, living

That’s the key—just live

Live for this moment, the last one is gone, can never be changed

This day, this second, is all that counts

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