Inspiration flits down on butterfly wings

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Inspiration takes us to planes in our mind’s eye

The quintessential meadow with butterflies–akin to dog heaven

a rainbow, vibrant, then fading

a blanket of snow with a cozy cabin in the background

a feather floating tranquilly upon a lake

a baby’s hug and the scent of sugar milk

a tree swaying in the summer breeze, and, of course, you are dozing in the hammock underneath

For me, inspiration is found on my phone’s gallery files–varied, colourful, all TRUE

It is found on dog walks in the woods

It is found just by opening my eyes before the welcomed morning stretch

Sometimes, the orbits opening does not have to occur

There is always that mind’s eye blinking inspiration in form of dreams

A yearning for pencil and paper while I sleep

~by Wendy J Reber, July 14, 2019, Cabin time

#yearning #mindseye #inspirationcomesinmanyforms

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