Humans are funny

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Why is it we cringe at a chainsaw, screaming neighbor kid, weed whacker, or ATV

We ooh & ahh over grazing deer, a pheasant, & birds in the bath?

Quiet beings sharing space is so much more welcomed than

Noisy, untimely humans & their contraptions

Didn’t your Mom always complain about the phone ringing during dinner?

Sitting down to Sunday dinner on the front porch, and Jim, next door, revs up his saw or splitter

I am guilty as charged

I live in a silent tranquil environment eighty percent of the time, day & night

The shrieks coming from houses that I can’t even see are few, but grade on me like nails down a chalkboard

Guilty–or am I just old?

#noisyneighbors #spoiledrural #privacy

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