May Pole

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I woke to the imagined vision of children dancing around a May Pole–dodging ribbons and laughing. This moving image appeared in black and white, and the faces of the kids were older, more mature, hard-working. Their clothing was long dresses for the girls, and pants with long-sleeved shirts for the boys, also in black and white. They wore no shoes or socks, had no worries, no cares, but how loudly they shrieked!

I wish children today had not a care in the world. No school work stress, no peer pressure or bullying. No fear of going home to a mean, abusive step parent—no sickness—no pain. The children in my daydream were well fed, playing outside, feeling free and healthy, physically and mentally.

What has happened to us? Why are we not dancing?

#letsdance #givewaytojoy #kindness #nostress

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