Diane is Her Name

Photo by Henda Watani on Pexels.com

Tender hands cup the tiny torso

Eyes sealed shut with mouth wide, he yearns for his mama

Little does he know – Diane is her name

Two hour feedings and rear-end stimulation soothes his innate needs

And he settles knowing he is warm, fed, and loved by this lady – Diane is her name

This happens way more than one hundred times

Nestled under her chin where she prefers to hold them

Towels, washcloths, Q-Tips, formula, bottles, more laundry, eye droppers, baths

All to nurture

All to make thrive by a woman – Diane is her name

Countless trips to the sanctuary to vet, replenish, save another litter

Her driver never complained

Funds from their own pockets kept their orphans in very good shape because the lady would have it no other way – Diane is her name

Running amuck from room to room chasing the clear hose- “Great Fun!”

“If only we could put our little teeth right through it?!”

To the bitter end, the oxygen delivery mechanism was their play toy and our lady grinned with joy as they rough-housed and napped aboard their magnificent mama train

Snoozing to a heartbeat they knew so well, and Diane was her name  

A tribute to my fear friend Diane Stehman who passed in 2018

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