Mud and Footprints

Pexel photo

Glorious lilacs make any house fragrant

Buttercups make acres bright yellow

Spring time is not easy, raking and mowing and mowing and raking

Temperatures are forgiving as we forget the previous season’s weather

Fields need crops to be planted and white water has no limits in the streams and rivers

July is coming, right?

Poets get to raise their pens to fresh unearthings

Overlooking the stagnant frozen staffs of before 

Strain comes to eyes that see new colours

Try to get in all the colour you can grasp

Be at peace with the fly hatch

For they only last a few hours

Make way for the bumble bees

Most do not sting

Fear not, the puddles will dry

Dogs will lie on clean porches

And we will long for more drops of water

#endofspring #summerbegins #lovebees

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