Beating to your own drummer can be isolating and lonely

Sometimes people feel like they don’t belong

Community, group, church, club

Even when you’ve lived in a place a dozen years

locals may not let you in

The perception is round peg, square hole

The person is round, well-rounded

The other entity, square—perhaps the epitome of square

And that, my friends, is the truth behind most relationships

It is not the people, individually

It is environment, society


It is clique, niche, network, and for the most part

they are that which is not real

They are make-believe

Humans assume the position of what they think others in the room want them to be

Stay round

Well-rounded so you can fit into the oval, triangle, and obtuse holes that are the whole out there

#belong #judgeless #bekind #engage #joinandteach

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