What leads someone to take their own life?

To plan the day, the time, the method

They said Kate Spade fantasized about Robin Williams’ death

For years she swooned and was enamored with the hypothetical: 

Glamour in dying (famous)

How can someone be so egotistical, selfish–off meds? (Don’t judge!)

Designer’s empire sold the same year she gave birth to a baby girl (Enormous shower)

What’s not to like about a lavish life? 

Was that the plot–to endow the motherless daughter

With heartache? (I’m not good enough)

Did she outrank her own life? (Now what? I’m not good enough)

Like Jim Morrison, did she simply grow bored? (Nothing, of me, is left)

Was she in search of that other dimension? (Capricorn)

Born Christmas Eve, alias Valentine

Too unhappy, too drunk, too in her own head? (No help received, but I am screaming!)

Was the aftermath what she had hoped for? (We all judged the choice of scarf)

Who would know?

Who would ever really know?

#sadness #suicide #help #judgeless

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