Success ’95


I remember listening to both Bush’s speak at Success ’95, an event at the Tampa Convention Center. Out of eight speakers, Barbara’s words resonated the best, at least to me. She talked, or should I say, taught about how to treat people, no matter if you are conflicted or in agreement with their opinion. “It is the words you choose…words are power…choose them wisely. If you can measure your words before they are spoken, this skill will serve you greatly. Take that extra second before you speak.” I have written about this in my books, and I have talked about Barbara Bush and her revelation for the past twenty-three years. I continue to cherish this lesson, and will pass it on as I feel it is invaluable. Barbara touched so many—a true example—a refreshing example of how we all should be. How we should conduct ourselves in our lives and find joy in all we do. Bravo, Mrs. Bush, Bravo!

Written the day she passed, April 17, 2018 at age 92

Married to George Herbert Walker Bush for 73 blessed years

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