Water is Power

Photo by John Reber

Pennsylvania’s Governor Stone used to arrive at his “Grand Canyon” camp by train way back in the day.

The train track bed has since been transformed to a cindered biking and walking trail.

The rail trail route stretches sixty-three miles from Jersey Shore to Wellsboro Junction, PA.

Recently, torrential and rare downpours have washed out parts of the trail.

Tiny mountain runs and streams raged pushing trees, rock, and debris over the trail and into the adjacent Pine Creek.

Dangerous rock jetty formations are clogging familiar kayaking and rafting waters. Our hiking trails are compromised with loose boulders and gravel.

We rely on tourism here in north central PA, and the pristine beauty of our Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is the main draw.

We applaud our Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) as they work tirelessly to restore what Mother Nature dished out.

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