To Michael

~ by Wendy Reber

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My pen feels the gripping tension

Finger pads relay an urgency

To get down ideas from thoughts

Manifested in some lobe

Covered by a ruly facade

To convey to the world

What reality hides

In synapses dedicated

To creativity only found within

photo provided by Mary Russell

Michael and I worked together four different times inside Unilens, Dynamic Development Group and Dynamic Resources. He was the ultimate teacher, salesman, researcher, traveler, and friend. We were urged to hone the art of giving good phone, editing, and packing light. He was always reading, writing, listening, and learning while selling. A born mentor, he taught his team to “touch it once,” “stick and move,” “get fresh eyes” to edit, “work hard and play hard,” and always, always “nurture your relationships– family and professional family,” which he certainly has done to this day, all across the world. And to his family and those mutual friends, I say I am so very sorry for our loss. Crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” through verbal, written, and never assumed communication was the task. Having answers for any questions, or perhaps explaining so thoroughly there wouldn’t be many questions was his mission. Loving deeply in all realms of his life was always the vision. I owe Michael a debt of gratitude for giving me every professional opportunity better than the last; for pushing me to be an author, a public speaker, and expert lens fitting consultant. He built me up so much, on a daily basis, even I began to believe it!

Soar high, my dear friend. I thank you for teaching me paramount lessons for life, and I will always miss you.

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