Are there any bad kids?


No nonsense allowed

S.T.A.R. program is parents’ choice

A windowless hell


*a new substitute teacher, I pick & choose my schools, grades, classes. I opted for “floater” at the middle school thinking I would pitch hit in several classrooms throughout the day. Wrong. I was placed inside a windowless room with three armed agents all dressed in black. There were five students inside this room for the entire school day. I was to have something to do like read, write, twiddle thumbs. No interaction was needed or wanted with the students or the guards. I was simply a district mandated body. They look so young, innocent, forced to stay silent, and work on their laptop computer classes. I could have just bawled. Bleak. I am not understanding this rigid waste of time. It seems cruel on every level.

STAR stands for

Student Transition and Recovery Program

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