Do You Remember?

Our pet cemetery

Photo by wjreber Nov. 12, 2022

Left to right: loves of our lives

Archie, cat, 23, old age (1/6/16) “Barch”

Casey, walker coonhound, lab mix, 14, old age (8/23/19) “Beetie, Beef”

Midge, bench beagle, 10, dementia (8/23/19) “Midgie”

Roscoe, cat, 10, saddle block embolism (2/10/10) “Roskie”

Lola, gordon setter, golden mix, 12, cancer (10/12/22) “Schmoe, Momo”

Biske, golden retriever, 9.5, cancer (12/22/14) “Bisc”

Henry, chocolate lab, golden mix, 11.5, cancer (10/14/15) “The Hen”

Hershey, chocolate lab, 15, old age (10/22/10) “Hersh”

Sunny, cat, 10, cancer (7/27/21) “Sunny Girl, Sunner”

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