Wendy, here

I am a wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, cousin, writer, reader, hiker, kayaker, biker, nature and animal lover. I try to put these in order, but it changes on a daily basis. I am sure you can concur. I like being busy, creating–something. We all need an outlet to get us through the dark months. For me, this is it! All content on RiteWit not credited is written by me.

Beechwood Lake, June 2022

I’m Wendy Reber. Many think I say Wendy Weaver on the phone or giving a name at a restaurant. It’s a bit of a tongue twister, so I spell Reber.

R-E-B, as in BOY, E-R.

Ta Da! A palindrome–same spelling frontwards and backwards.

  1. Definitely, an expression of…

  1. Definitely, an expression of…

Some of us write, be it poetry, novels, grocery lists, or a love note–all of it matters. Stories matter. All of it counts as time marked in this beautiful life. Similarly, some of us take photos to share moments, mundane or important, they are important to us.

  1. Definitely, an expression of…

Thank you for coming.

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