Here. So briefly. Colors so bright, yet shaded On a journey to truly see Before the light has faded Letting go of expectations, trying to just be. Into the universe, my realities are sent… I too am transient. #fate#life#searching

Stress Test

If I pass, I will not pass on life.. Not just now when the sky is so vivid And the pup is warm beside me And the peaches are ready And I must get through another anniversary #stress#survival#test

Be a Sunflower

Make a definitive impression.. not for others but for yourself. Allow the seeds of your knowing to propagate… not for others but for yourself. Stand tall, but allow vulnerability …not for others but for yourself. Surrender to spirit, breathe with the sky, breathe with the rain, breathe with the wind… become breath… Not for others,Continue reading “Be a Sunflower”

Storm spirit

Darkest night I wait for you My fear takes flight I don’t fall through And yet… Spirit slashes, sound filled. Like insight flashes Distilled By breath is caught In lonely space New poem, new plot Unfettered grace What did you send? To help me face? Ah… A wise and playful friend! #storm#spirit#friendship

All is Well

Meditation Can be visual Breathe in available beauty Exhale angst Celebrate the now in your life, for that is all that is real #beauty#meditation#sky