In the life force, half willingly. Questioning my worth daily. But today is warmer…so I sit and listen. Birdsong. I pay attention to the light, bouncing and leaping, and swirling. I remember many previous Springs. In those images, I feel myself cradled in love and anticipation. It is the time to nourish and allow newContinue reading “Held”

Seeing Inside

Shadow selves are real Their work is imaging for Understanding and direction. Close your eyes and breathe in the message. Accept and learn Change direction often to avoid the mental trap of helplessness and boredom You are who you choose to become every day. Every moment. Keep propelling yourself forward by choosing differently..explore. All isContinue reading “Seeing Inside”


Death is a (sing it) smooooth op-er-a-tor. Often gliding in, then out, suddenly, quietly, invisibly…except for the reduction left in its aftermath. Center stage. It does not need a spotlight…It moves with darkness. Notice the pronoun. No musical accompaniment…unless you want to count trembling, regretting, bargaining, begging. And such music is discordant. No plea forContinue reading “Smooth”


Anger hot and confused Can change,choke, and erase rationality Feelings become bruised Is this an abnormality? No…and with love, hate can be diffused. #burn, #anger,#love