It seems I am held where I am By invisible, but totally effective restraints. Everyday, forward movement becomes more challenging For aging, though natural, and certainly not unexpected, constantly reveals new surprises, surprises that require an alteration of focus and effort. I breathe deeply, reaching for the strength to let go of fear and insteadContinue reading “Detained”


Ice melt cascades off the roof in forceful whooshes and splats Like a relief exhalation of breath held slightly too long How like my aging body and mind…this timid knowing. #Sijo#Koreanpoetryform#aging 


Glinting, shining snow Holds more than we see or know Sparkling truth has light Choosing which action is right Is our way to grow. #spark# truth#growth

It starts with

A gleeful brachiation On the silver playground apparatus, Then I became a monkey. This swinging forward, stretching And grasping Looking for a handhold, Is still how I navigate my life. #growing#lesson On


For me, Thanks giving.. consciously giving of thanks, Is an automatic verbal response. Gratitude is a significant part Of living spiritually. #spirit-living#gratitude