Inception Deception

Covering well the imperfections Fine rough colors blending just so To hide the soul far beneath Chosen home for thousands That crawl, squirm, and die We feel our pain In layers Just like Bark. #tree wisdom

And Now

Again the lilies come… For forty years They have not failed to sprout forth ever hopeful, Ever trusting…. Just being. And believing that the welcoming party Will see, truly see What they mean… what they know. #wisdom# true insight

The Big Three

Today is my wonderful daughter’s birthday. From when she was tiny we taught each other Curiosity, Compassion, and Creativity…. Curiosity nurtures the mind Compassion nurtures the heart Creativity nurtures the spirit. She inspires me to continue to live in “the big three C’s everyday, as she continues to live in those concepts everyday. such anContinue reading “The Big Three”

Intensity tamed

Aging challenges my spirit. To keep from collapsing under myriad inevitabilities, I focus on simplicity to guide me through. Like the magical solace of green and blue. …. #acceptance#getting control#