#Prompt #Eyelash

Randomly, RiteWit.com will offer you a writing prompt. Feel free to create a poem, prose, short story, or just a word that the prompt inspires. No rules–just write. Thanks for adding the hashtags as seen. Here’s one: Covered black as youth I possess white eyelashes Now, clean, free to fly #prompt #ritewit #haiku Funny story–whenContinue reading “#Prompt #Eyelash”

If you have lost someone to dementia, you know it is a triple loss

The Commodity of Time Let’s make the most of a summer’s evening before being called in to supper, and then pretty much straight to bed Do I have time to gather a few more branches? Is this really a tree fort– this floor plan on the ground? Need more time— Finding something to help meContinue reading “If you have lost someone to dementia, you know it is a triple loss”

Dedicated to Hannah B on her 21st!

Woven Woven dreams Woven streams Woven cattails Woven sails Woven friendships and networks, and raindrops, and smoke signals Fabric is woven—and fabrics can be made of anything Anything this world of our imagination has to offer Picture frames can be woven, housing our memories Like a chain, a never-ending chain People we hang with canContinue reading “Dedicated to Hannah B on her 21st!”