Friends, a pantoum

Bald Eagle State Park, Oct. 12, 2021

Gathering courage, taking flight

Leaving behind antiquated dust

A new journey, a new search

Rejuvenating spirit and might

Leaving behind antiquated dust

A bolder tactic is needed now

Rejuvenating spirit and might

Gathering courage, taking flight

by slrobb & wjreber

#pantoum #fallday #friendship #writinginthepark #yogawtrees

Stick THAT in your Pipe


Low back pain? Cobra, standing back bend

Oops, a sneeze…”Don’t make me laugh!” Kegels 100 x day

Tinnitus? Address your high frequency hearing loss by seeing an audiologist. They have mild distraction white noise ideas with smart phone & Oticon

There is an exercise, piece of equipment, or a medication for everything. Don’t suffer. Be proactive.

You can’t please everyone all the time, but you can apply self care daily, no matter your age

With confidence, live your best life, not someone elses

#agegracefully #human #ailments #fleeting

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