What did you accomplish this year

How many contributions did you make to fellow man or beasts

How easily will you sleep without fear

Who will be invited to your feasts

Blessings come in many ways

Try to lose track, don’t count the days

Positive reinforcement will always win

Especially in this New Year, BEGIN

#rispetto #poetry #happy #new #year


You’re not getting any younger, but you can act it

You may not feel energetic, but you can boost it

You might feel left out, so you can develop your own thing

Perseverance, will, strength, passion are all gifts

Use them wisely?

Nah, use them frivolously and enjoy every second

#wise #life #gifts

Begin your Day

Deep breathing

Find and sit in front of

A window that looks upon the sunriseā€¦

Empty your mind

Inhale the colors

See the changes

Transmuting colors

Patiently observeā€¦

Magic in the making

Softness and peace

Winter sky bathing


Photo by wjreber

Neon green tender growth

Daisies, chicory, grasshoppers fly

Turning leaves I love the most

Heavy clouds, white, blue, gray sky

Temperature-tastic, it aims to please

Some of us sputter and some sneeze

Wind, sun, rain, snow, thunder

Life on earth is such a wonder

#rispetto #poetry

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