Are there any bad kids?


No nonsense allowed

S.T.A.R. program is parents’ choice

A windowless hell


*a new substitute teacher, I pick & choose my schools, grades, classes. I opted for “floater” at the middle school thinking I would pitch hit in several classrooms throughout the day. Wrong. I was placed inside a windowless room with three armed agents all dressed in black. There were five students inside this room for the entire school day. I was to have something to do like read, write, twiddle thumbs. No interaction was needed or wanted with the students or the guards. I was simply a district mandated body. They look so young, innocent, forced to stay silent, and work on their laptop computer classes. I could have just bawled. Bleak. I am not understanding this rigid waste of time. It seems cruel on every level.

STAR stands for

Student Transition and Recovery Program

Happy birthday, ole man

To the brother I never had

Known him the longest, this Chemung lad

My bike would shake and it lost me

With a shove, then a push, he taught me

Named me “Moose” which I hated

All the years later, I’m secretly elated

“Wipe your nose–Be stronger–Push through”

He, the entrepreneur

Me, having no clue

Our friendship is something true and rare

He’s always challenged me to the dare

In my first book his name is Derek

He is my dear friend, and his name is Eric

Happy birthday, Buddy. Just remember, you’ll always be old(er) than me–hehehe

“…I revered the kid!” From my first book,

“A Long Legged Life” Chapter 4, page 39

a fictionalized autobiography by Wendy J “Moose”
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