Exceptional experiences involve no expectation, risk, and willingness to open wide

Could be your eyes, ears, mouth, arms, but you have to allow yourself out of this world moments to hold on to and try to top.

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Daily challenges

To remember:

why I walked into a room, any room

to look at my grocery list

To harness my sorrow

Feed that which is, to me, sacrosanct

To think creatively

And most importantly,

I need to be


And challenge my own beliefs.


My niece’s dog

This little dog was rescued in a shelter

Went to college for four years

Lived in a dorm

Went to graduate school for two

Lived in an apartment

Has ridden in an airplane more times than I can count

Has also ridden Stanley, a white horse that has made all these treks with my niece, too

Through thick and thin, and a slew of life changes

These three amigos have thrived and overcome challenges

Stanley lived through massive twisted intestine surgery requiring daily gut harness dressings (for months)

My niece is a Physician Assistant, working in a vascular surgery practice. Her specialty is installing ports for chemotherapy to help keep her patients alive.

Pumpkin is living with recurrent cancer and had a couple surgeries herself. If only Chloe could save her best friend. But at thirteen, we said goodbye to the visiting Pumpkin, knowing it would be our last.

Hats off to an amazing pet owner and woman who has persevered in her own life and on behalf of the lives of her beloved pets.

Love and hugs, forever.

Chloe and Pumpkin

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Is hard to comprehend

We have no one to ask

No scientific outlaw

No religious dogma

No patron of spirit.

Starved for verification

We grasp for answers

That we

cannot know, ever.


But perhaps not…..

Only this moment is real.

Busy time of year

For some its chaos

For others, too quiet

Home life, means, friends, opportunity

Make your own bed

Make it capture your passion

Reach out

Include others

If it’s not fulfilling

Don’t do it

Have fun trying new things

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