Happy birthday, ole man

To the brother I never had Known him the longest, this Chemung lad My bike would shake and it lost me With a shove, then a push, he taught me Named me “Moose” which I hated All the years later, I’m secretly elated “Wipe your nose–Be stronger–Push through” He, the entrepreneur Me, having no clueContinue reading “Happy birthday, ole man”

Sea Glass

Jewels wash up catching the glint of flame Abandoned vessel of life blood Polite handshakes, glamourous gowns, high tea Churning and bobbing and smoothing Reminding us of entities beyond Enduring decades even centuries Story time #themediterraneansea #favoriteplace #seaglass #rocksandshells #memories #wavesandsand


Hold the moment in your heart express yourself through free-fall art take a risk…just leap to start and from the truth so not depart. Express yourself through free-fall art trust yourself the one real part and from the truth do not depart hold the moment in your heart. Susan Robb #pantoum #poetry #truth #heartsongs